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Deadwooding / Weight Reduction in Melbourne

If your tree canopy is becoming dense, it’s time to consider weight reduction pruning. Our qualified arborists offer deadwooding service across Melbourne to help minimise the risk of limb failure.

Home owners across Melbourne trust Goodall’s Tree Care Environmental for our professional workmanship and exceptional customer service. For a free inspection and quote, call 0448 328 551 now.

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Branch Weight Reduction in Melbourne

Do you see small branches littered all over your garden? Do you also find that the tree is lush and full, without a trace of light passing through? Although it’s good to know that your tree is growing well, too much growth isn’t good for your property.

If a tree in your yard is full, it’s at a huge risk of limb failure. Imagine the devastation should a storm damage your tree and it should fall over? It could cause immeasurable damage to property and people.

Branch weight reduction pruning is the answer. By reducing the weight of your branch at the earliest, you can ensure that your tree is safer.

No matter where you live in Melbourne, you may have noticed tree-filled gardens all around you. You can feel the difference between trees with lighter branches and those that are fuller. If you would like to protect your home against storm damage or limb failure, contact our professional arborists in Melbourne for weight reduction pruning.

Why Choose Us for Branch Weight Reduction in Melbourne

Weight reduction is no mean feat. It’s a dangerous task that should only be handled by qualified and experienced AQF Level 3 accredited arborists. Our arborists not only have the skills and the know-how but they also have the necessary equipment to provide a flawless branch weight reduction service.

Our initial inspection will help us identify the solution to help restore your tree to prime health and structural condition. Contact us today for a free inspection and quote to get started!

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