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Firebreaks in Melbourne

Victoria is one of the major fire-prone spots in Australia. It’s important to take the necessary steps to prepare your property to minimise the risk of a bushfire destroying your land and home.

Firebreaks are a crucial part of bushfire mitigation planning. They help minimise the impact of a bushfire and make it easy for emergency services to access your building or property during an emergency.

Goodall’s Tree Care Environmental, we are professional bushfire consultants in Melbourne with many years of experience in building Asset Protection Zones (APZ), firebreaks and other bushfire mitigation techniques. We have the know-how and the experience to inspect your property and put together a strategy to protect it against bushfire.

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Be Fire Ready

So what’s a firebreak, you wonder? It’s a section of land that has been cleared of all things flammable including grass, shrubs, trees and leaves, clearing the way for emergency vehicles to access your property during a bushfire.

We follow the rules and protocols outline by the government including:

  • The 10/50 rule:
    • All vegetation including trees within 10m of a property can be cleared
    • Any vegetation not including trees can be removed within 50m of a property
  • The 10/30 rule:
    • Any metropolitan residence with vegetation that’s in a radius of 10m of the property can be cleared
    • Any vegetation not including trees within a 30m radius of a house can be cleared.

Make Your Property Accessible in a Bushfire

What if there’s a bushfire in the neighbourhood and your house is not prepared for it? Emergency services won’t be able to access your property to rescue you. It’s important to ensure your house can defend against bushfire. Otherwise, you risk losing your property while putting the neighbours at risk.

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Goodall’s Tree Care Environmental is a leading firebreak consultant in Melbourne with many years of experience. We take our bushfire mitigation services seriously and are here to minimise the risk of bushfires. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection and quote.

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