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Tree Climbing, Trimming, Pruning, Shaping in Melbourne

If you are searching for a professional arborist to trim, prune or shape your trees, the team at Goodall’s Tree Care Environmental has you covered. We specialise in trimming, pruning and shaping all kinds of trees. We have many years of experience in tree climbing and trimming services to home owners and business premises across Melbourne.

When you choose our experienced arborists, you are in safe hands. We assure you of personalised service, high-quality pruning and a mess-free job. Here are some of the tree pruning strategies that we can provide for your Melbourne property:

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Height Reduction

From the perspective of tree health, height reduction is not the ideal strategy. However, in some exceptional situations, this practice is acceptable. Fruit tree pruning, for example, calls for tree height reduction to ensure the fruit remains accessible and to help avoid treetops from becoming burdensome.

Tree Branch Removal

Cutting the branches of a tree is no mean feat. Our arborists leverage best practices to cut and remove branches safely and efficiently. When removing branches, we focus on two things: ensure the final pruning cuts are correct and avoid any damage to the areas around the tree.

Crown Lifting

In this technique, we prune a tree’s lower limbs to a pre-determined height. Crown lifting ensures that the tree does not cause any damage to property/people passing underneath it. It’s a non-invasive technique that has more impact compared to any other pruning technique.

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Trimming and Shaping

Our arborists have specialised skills in climbing trees of all sizes and shapes to safely trim and shape them. Shaping and trimming help improve the overall health, appearance and safety of a tree.

Professional Tree Climbing, Pruning, Trimming and Shaping Services

If you are looking for a professional arborist for professional climbing, pruning, trimming and shaping services in Melbourne, contact Goodall’s Tree Care Environmental. We assure you of the highest standards of quality and service. Call 0401 388 245 now to get started.

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