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Tree Mulching, Mulch & Firewood Sales in Melbourne

At Goodall’s Tree Care Environmental, we are passionate about arboriculture and horticulture. We don’t just stop at lopping trees; we take a holistic approach to our tree removal service.

So whether you are looking for tree mulching service or to buy mulch/firewood in Melbourne, we have you covered.

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Tree Mulching Service in Melbourne

After we finish trimming, pruning or removing your tree, we can run all that green waste through our wood chipper to provide high-quality organic mulch for your garden. You could use this mulch in your garden or we can remove it for you. No matter what you decide, we will leave behind an immaculately cleared space.

Firewood Sales in Melbourne

We offer quality firewood at affordable prices. They are a great way to keep your family cosy and warm during the long, winter months. When you are sitting by the fire with your family, you want quality firewood that can burn for a longer time. Firewood can be collected from our sorting yard in Melbourne or for a hassle-free experience, we can deliver it to your doorstep.

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Mulch Sales in Melbourne

At Goodall’s Tree Care Environmental, we take pride in offering the best mulch for sale in Melbourne. Mulch is great for moisture retention, weed suppression, soil enrichment, garden cohesion, garden ecosystem, reducing water loss and improving the overall health of a tree.

The style or colour of the mulch can transform your garden and we offer a wide variety of mulch for every style and requirement.

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We are Melbourne’s leading tree removalists with many years of experience. We not only remove fallen or unhealthy trees but we can also chip them into firewood or mulch so you can put the fallen tree to good use.

Contact us today to schedule a free on-site inspection and quote.

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